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Preview booking is now open for the exquisite Thomson Condominiums. Make your dreams for your family come true, while enjoying closeness to nature and easy accessibility to all Singaporean destinations. Please call one of our agents today, who are waiting eagerly to assist you. The Thomson Condominiums help foster your sense of community: Celebrate and unwind with your friends, neighbors and family on the lawns. Play with your children in the Jet Pool and cool your spirit in the waters after a difficult day. Cultivate your heart and return to yourself as you stroll in nearby Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park or the Central Catchment Area Nature Reserve. The former refreshes your spirit with its river and wildflowers, while the latter bathes you in forests and the calming presence of reservoirs. Never has being so close to nature coincided with life in such a desired neighborhood. Take the family on a bicycle ride, relax in the colors of sunset over the Lower Pierce Reservoir with some ice cream, and remember every day the oasis that home is meant to be. We can visit the site from 

Accessibility is already easy through buses and trains, and the neighborhood’s value will only increase with the upcoming arrival of the Thomson and Bright Hill MRT lines. Condominium options range from 43 SQM in a one bedroom flat, to 197 SQM in a four bedroom plus study flat, with ranges in between. Parking is accessible in a garage lot. Thomson Condominiums are Green Mark Certified as well. Comfort and ease must be balanced with practically and providing a balanced life for your family. Luckily, there are excellent educational choices nearby Thomson Condominiums. The very popular Ai Tong School lies within a one kilometer distance, and the Pierce Secondary School is also close by. The Ai Tong School, a primary and Chinese-medium school, boasts international learning, integrating Chinese and English languages. It inculcates your child with Chinese values and connects them to the world as they grow. The Pierce Secondary School has received numerous awards, including most recently the Lotus Sustained Achievement Award. You and your family could spend an entire year eating your way up and downThomson Impressions Slide 3 Sin Ming Avenue. You might just find the best traditional Chinese soup (Earthen Jar Treasure Herb), and many bakeries and stalls that will surprise you with their excellence (Ah Sin Eating House, An Zhen Popiah). As you venture further into the surrounding area, you may find yourself intoxicated by the refined experiences of Mellben Seafood and the Canopy Garden Dining and Bar. Your adventurous tastes will be met by new delights and discoveries in the neighborhood. Where you live matters. At the Thomson Condominiums you will find your center, an oasis where you can connect with nature and your family in the midst of the speeding, taxing world. Be a part of this new community through preview booking now. Establish yourself and your family in this wonderful neighborhood, reconnect with nature while living your busy professional life, and write your life’s new chapter at Thomson Condominiums now.